Creative Workshop

Established 1970

Sphere Eclipse  Recording Console

This rare recording console was designed by Wally Wilson with circuitry by Don McLaughlin and comes from the legendary lineage of Electrodyne and Quad Eight consoles.  Custom made for Creative Workshop in 1975, this vintage console remains as punchy and fat as it was on the day it arrived.  The 24 onboard M1200 preamps provide the classic tones that we feel stands up to the Neve, API, Helios, and other famous boards of that era.  Each channel is equipped with Sphere’s notorious 900 series equalizers, which are known for their musicality and intuitive, graphic design.

The Johnny Cash Show Yamaha G7

Buzz Cason bought this piano in 1971 from Gary Walker after the Johnny Cash TV Show disbanded.  The Johnny Cash Show aired 58 episodes and was filmed at the historic Ryman Auditorium.  Ray Charles gave a most memorable rendition of “Ring of Fire” playing this piano on the stage of the Ryman.  When it wasn’t being featured in the show, this piano lived in the orchestra pit with the music director for the show,  Bill Walker.


Neumann U87

Neumann KMi 84

Neumann KM 184

Neumann KM86i

Neumann U64 

Neumann U64u



AKG D112

AKG D12e


Lawson L47

LOMO 19A13

LOMO 19A18

Fostex M22RP


RCA 74


RCA MI-6204 Vari-Coustic

Coles 4038

Audio-Technica AT4051a

Audio-Technica AT4047/SV

Audio-Technica 4033a

Audio-Technica AT4051

Audio-Technica ATM 25

Sony C-35P

Sony C-36P

Sony ECM-21

Octava MK-319 Michael Joly Mod

Octava ML52


Royer R-121

Earthworks TC25

Earthworks SR25

Electro-Voice 308a

Electro-Voice 635A

Electro-Voice 408b

Electro-Voice V2

Astatic 77

Audix i5

Audix D6

Aiwa VM 15

CAD Trion 7000

Cascade Fathead II

Grundig GDSM 330

Heil Sound PR-20 UT

Sennheiser MD 421 U-4

Sennheiser MD 211 U

Sennheiser 609 Silver

Shure SM7b

Shure 55SW

Shure Beta 52A

Shure Beta 57

Shure 330

Shure 315

Shure SM77

Shure SM56

Shure SM57

Shure Beta 87A

Crown PZM -6LPB

Realistic PZM

Printable Files with Quantities and Other Details:

Outboard Printable PDF

Microphone Printable PDF


Undertone Audio MPDI-4

Neve 1272

Seventh Circle Audio A12B (API 512 Clone)

Trident S20 Dual Microphone Preamplifier

Telefunken TAB U274

Telefunken TAB V276

Telefunken TAB V372D

Altec 1589B Mixer Amplifier

Ampex 600

Ampex 601

Ampex 620


Teletronix LA-2A

DBX 160 VU

Urei 1178

Urei LA-4

Emperical Labs EL8-X Distressor

Emperical Labs EL8 Distressor

Altec 436C

Altec 1592A Compressor Amplifier

Drawmer DS404 Quadgate

Joe Meek Stereo Compressor Rev 1.07


Hairball Audio 1176 Rev A Blue Stripe


Eventide Clock Works Instant Flanger FL201

Ludwig Phase II Synthesizer

Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay Model 93

Lexicon Prime Time II Digital Delay Model 95

Fostex Model 3180 Spring Reverb

EMT 140 Plate Reverb

MXR Flanger Doubler

Channel Strips

Avalon VT 737sp

Universal Audio 6176


Joe Meek VC6Q British Channel


Dangerous Monitor ST


Bryston 4BSST Power Amp

Acoustic Energy AE-1 Monitors


Westlake cabinets with JBL Drivers

Powered By Crown Amps



Otari MTR-90 MK II 2" 24-Track Tape Machine

Studer A-80 RC 1/4" 2-Track Tape Machine

Revox PR-90 1/4" 2-Track Tape Machine



Avid I/O 32x32

Clocked by an Apogee Big Ben

Pro Tools

We keep our Pro Tools up to date and have most of the industry standard plug-ins and more.